Whether you need to boost your sales, communicate with and track stakeholders, or build relationships with your members, can meet any challenge.

Tailor to your world. Custom solutions is what we are all about.



Sales are more than just a conversion - its about relationships. Sales funnels look different for everyone. Whether a small local team with quick sales cycles, or a multinational organization with complex and long multi-year RFP bidding processes, sets you up for success.


Manage your sales cycle and track your potenial customers, from start to finish and beyond. Customize opportunities with your own stages and different pipelines, no matter your business process, you'll feel right at home.


Our Engagement tools ensure you maintain and grow your relationship with new and existing customers during your sales process, as well as keep connected after they've converted.

Powerful Analytics

Make data-driven decisions, better. Use custom dashboards and reports to gain valuable insights on where each deal stands, forecasted revenue, or get a full overview of your organization and team's performance. opportunities page

Project Management

Manage and track multifaceted and complex projects like government relations, industry regulators and environmental assessment processes, and Indigenous consultation. Identify and increase key supporters of your project, and gain public and community support.

Engage Your Contacts

Send mass emails to your contact lists, or use mass autodial calls to reach the entire community your project impacts.

Track Conversations

Use Notes & Interactions to track conversations with key contacts and groups. Custom categories help you easily search and filter on specific topics.

Share Resources

Files let you share important resources and documents with your contacts to keep them informed, as well as store key files for your internal due diligence.

Receive Valuable Feedback

Create forms to get consultation on specific topics, surveys to gather aggregate sentiment, and events like open houses to meet with your contacts in-person.

Education is flexible to meet your schools needs now, and as they evolve.

Staff, students, parents and alumni stay connected and engaged.

Admissions and Applications

Forms simplfy admission and application documents, while opportunities easily allow you to manage your intake.

Alumni Management

Keep connected with your alumni with our built-in communication tools, while automated segmenting keeps track of your contacts as they evolve.

Events and Fundraising

Host community-building events, as well as get donations from stakeholders.

Student and Parent Portal

A secure logged-in area for your students and parents to access resources, submit forms, and access personalized stores.

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Stakeholder connects you with, and tracks your organization's different stakeholders while fostering deeper support and long-lasting relationships in the communities you operate.

Sentiment Tracking

Health scores give you a snapshot of how you stand with each person. Use our fully-integrated engagement tools to gather feedback with surveys, mass emails, and mass autodials.

There's a Project For That

Centralize a specific outreach program, development opportunity, or consultation with Projects. Access all your form submissions, people and groups, as well as Notes and Interactions in one place.

Deliver your Message

Integrated engagement tools like Mass Email, Forms, Events, Mass Autodial and Text Messaging let you ensure your message is heard, and acted upon, while getting feedback and data back.

Survey Results Screenshot


Associations are right at home. Keep connected with your members and grow your movement through's membership management and engagement services.


Mass Emails, Mass Autodails and Mass SMS directly communicate with your members. Ensure they get the message.


A secure area to share documents, products, and forms. Your members will feel right at home.


From a simple RSVP event to a multi-day Annual General Meeting, our integrated events system can handle it all.

Predictive Analytics

Automatically contact expiring members, send targeted communcations, and find specific supporters.


Let do the work for you and raise more resources for your organization and promote your cause.

Our powerful fully-integrated tools lets you do it all in one place, while maintaining superior data quality.

  • Start a Mass Autodial or Mass Text to deliver a message or survey.
  • Send targeted Mass Email communications, and have automatic emails fire when someone hasn't donated in a while, or hasn't heard from you in a while.
  • Survey forms get welcomed feedback and help you stay connected and relevant.
  • Hold fundraising events, AGMs, or free unique events for your supporters.
  • Track fundraising or engagement targets with Projects.
  • Segment your People into the groupings that matter to you.
  • Collaborate with your staff using Tasks and Planner
  • Track your supporters and maintain a history with Notes and Interactions

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